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RAON, the name of the heavy-ion accelerator, is a native Korean word meaning “Happy” or “Joyful”.

RAON, the name of the heavy-ion accelerator, is a native Korean word meaning “Happy” or “Joyful”.


The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MEST; Minister: Ju-ho Lee) and the Rare Isotope Science Project (RISP; Director: Sun Kee Kim) at the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) announced that, after having held a contest on the new name for the Korean heavy-ion accelerator from September 20th to October 7th, they have selected “RAON” as the new name for the Korean heavy-ion accelerator.

A native Korean word meaning “joyful” and “happy,” RAON reflects the hope that the use of heavy-ion accelerators will be a “joyful gift” to scientists around the world and that the results of research conducted using them will “present happiness” to the future of humanity.

In addition, the alphabetic transliteration of the Korean name, RAON, has been adopted as the English name, thus increasing its use in the international community.

A total of 639 names were submitted to the contest, thereby serving as an occasion to foster the nation’s interest in and enthusiasm for the International Science Business Belt and heavy-ion accelerators. Out of the names submitted, a total of eight were selected after the preliminary screening and the expert screening. The prizes were: Grand Prize to one name (prize money: 2 million won); First Prize to two names (1 million won each); and Second Prize to five names (100,000 won each (Cultural Certificates)).

The honor of the Grand Prize went to Hwi-sung Hwang, a college student (Hankyong National University) who submitted “Raonhaje.” A native Korean expression meaning “happy tomorrow,” the name was created from the wish that the Korean heavy-ion accelerator would bring a happy future to the nation. The name received high points for its outstanding intention and use of native Korean words.

While preserving its intention, the name selected for the Grand Prize was modified slightly for easy pronunciation and international use, thus giving rise to RAON, the new name for the Korean heavy-ion accelerator.

A joint organizer of the contest, RISP Director Sun Kee Kim stated he was happy that, through the contest, a beautiful and sophisticated new name for the heavy-ion accelerator was created. He also expressed his wish that RAON, the new name for the heavy-ion accelerator, would be widely used as another name representative of Korea.

The results of the final screening can be found on the contest’s website (http://www.isbb-idea.com) and the International Science Business Belt’s website (http://www.isbb.go.kr).


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